Our Mission

Loyal, Gregarious, Tenacious, Adaptable and Fierce

Starling Salon is an Aveda Concept salon that is all about people. From the people who come to us for their hair and makeup needs, to our talented team members and finally the people in our community. We are about touching people’s lives and helping them to enhance their natural allure. We pursue uncompromised integrity by nurturing the beauty, dignity, respect, health and well-being of all.

We are a team of passionate hair stylists. We draw on our experience with a team of veteran stylists, accomplished talent and excited novices determined to learn.

For our guests, we promise to provide you with excellent service. We also promise you our expertise by offering suggestions and working with you to determine what is your best look. From the time we say hello to you, to the time we thank you and wave goodbye, you are our main focus.

For our stylists, we promise to offer top education in our industry. We want our team to be excited and challenged to learn something new. An educated stylist is a happy stylist. A happy stylist is a guest’s best asset. We believe in our team and we strive to become the best at what we do in every regard.

For our community, we thank you for welcoming us into your neighborhood. We promise to recycle and use as much ‘green’ technology as we can. We also promise to support our local businesses and farmer’s markets. And last but not least, to give unfailingly to the charities we feel passionate about. We intend to become a reliable cornerstone in the neighborhood that will make you proud to have us as part of your world.

We started this salon with the intention of providing our guests and staff with a comfortable and inviting place to spend their time. We recognize that it is always a privilege to serve our guests. We are so honored you have chosen to let us provide you with our talents. We sincerely THANK YOU!

To live is so Starling, it leaves little time for anything else. –Emily Dickenson